Tuesday, January 03, 2006

A Day Late ... The Top Four

4. Green Day – Jesus of Suburbia
Okay, this is the album of 2005. No Question. Hands down. Green Day is probably the band of the year and had I made this list a couple months earlier there would be no question that this song would be number one. At nine minutes and change this song is a little long to listen to on repeat but it works on so many different levels. I guess the only reason this is not higher is because it came out a while ago and its no longer on heavy rotation in my ipod. Well done Mr. Armstrong, also keep dissin’ Dubya and Co. … I quite enjoy it.
Honorable Mention – Wake Me Up When September Ends, American Idiot, Boulevard of Broken Dreams

3. Elbow – Forget Myself
Elbow, another of my personal favorites … I simply can’t get enough of the tunes they compose and then place great vocals with smart lyrics over it. This song is off their new album “Leaders of the Free World” which I highly recommend; currently I have this in very high rotation.
Honorable Mention – Leaders of the Free World, Great Expectations, Station Approach

2. The White Stripes – My Doorbell
Jack and Meg rock. Nuff Said.
Honorable Mention – Blue Orchid, The Denial Twist, Forever is for Her, Take Take Take

1. Bloc Party – This Modern Love (Remix)
Silent Alarm is my favorite album of the year. Bloc Party is definitely an acquired taste but I can’t believe how much I actually listen to this album and this song. The remix of this song is actually off a separate album called “Silent Alarm Remixed” but I include it on the album because I think it is better than the original track.
Honorable Mention – Banquet, Helicopter, So Here We Are

There you are. Bonus picks tomorrow or later today.

Go Canada Go.


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Silent Alarm is my favorite too!! I love Green Day!!

Keep sharing!!

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