Monday, January 23, 2006

The Simpson Maker

Create your own personal Simpson character.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Ovechkin; what a freakin' goal

Best Goal Evar? Check out Ovechkin's great awesome tally last night versus Phoenix here.

Ultimate Showdown

Who will win?

Monday, January 16, 2006

Taco Town

Tacos ! SNL skit ... hilarious.

Monday, January 09, 2006


SNL Chronicles of Narnia Rap

This is just hilarious ... hahaha cupcakes.

SNL (again) Lettuce Help

A couple more worth mentioning ...

Brendan Benson – Spit it Out
Detroit singer who is pretty damned good, his album The Alternative to Love is another one of this year’s good albums. Good hooks, I’m a sucker for them every time. Honorable Mention – What I’m Looking for, Warm Hands (Cold Heart).

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club – Ain’t No Easy Way
From their “Howl” record, I really enjoy this track … it’s a very simple song with very simple lyrics. It’s got a great beat that makes you want to stamp your feet along with it. Howl is a good album, not what I expected, but after a couple listens it grew on me. Honorable Mention – Weight of the World.

Audioslave – Doesn’t Remind Me
Is it just me or does Chris Cornell do the weirdest things in the world just so he doesn’t get reminded of things? Driving backwards in the fog .. dude, youre freaking crazy. Good song from the Audioslave lads with the strong guitar from Morello, good hook and chorus. This is another one of those songs that sticks in your head ... and unfortunately has been played to death by any modern rock. Honorable Mention – Um, how about Soundgarden and Rage Against the Machine? You like that side boob? Cause that’s MY side boob!

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

A Day Late ... The Top Four

4. Green Day – Jesus of Suburbia
Okay, this is the album of 2005. No Question. Hands down. Green Day is probably the band of the year and had I made this list a couple months earlier there would be no question that this song would be number one. At nine minutes and change this song is a little long to listen to on repeat but it works on so many different levels. I guess the only reason this is not higher is because it came out a while ago and its no longer on heavy rotation in my ipod. Well done Mr. Armstrong, also keep dissin’ Dubya and Co. … I quite enjoy it.
Honorable Mention – Wake Me Up When September Ends, American Idiot, Boulevard of Broken Dreams

3. Elbow – Forget Myself
Elbow, another of my personal favorites … I simply can’t get enough of the tunes they compose and then place great vocals with smart lyrics over it. This song is off their new album “Leaders of the Free World” which I highly recommend; currently I have this in very high rotation.
Honorable Mention – Leaders of the Free World, Great Expectations, Station Approach

2. The White Stripes – My Doorbell
Jack and Meg rock. Nuff Said.
Honorable Mention – Blue Orchid, The Denial Twist, Forever is for Her, Take Take Take

1. Bloc Party – This Modern Love (Remix)
Silent Alarm is my favorite album of the year. Bloc Party is definitely an acquired taste but I can’t believe how much I actually listen to this album and this song. The remix of this song is actually off a separate album called “Silent Alarm Remixed” but I include it on the album because I think it is better than the original track.
Honorable Mention – Banquet, Helicopter, So Here We Are

There you are. Bonus picks tomorrow or later today.

Go Canada Go.

Monday, January 02, 2006

Happy New Year - 13 - 5

13. Athlete – Wires
Wires was released earlier this year in the UK by Athlete and immediately caught my attention. I saw them with Snow Patrol in May and the lead singer explained that this was about his baby girl who was born premature and very ill. He has got very unique vocals and he puts together a great chorus and they are a very solid live act.
Honorable Mention – Twenty Four Hours, Maps, Half Light, Street Maps

12. Nada Surf – Always Love
This band has experienced a complete makeover since they arrived on the grunge scene with their hit “Popular” way back in 2000. Their new album “The Weight is a Gift” has grown on me recently. They are a fun band, not too heavy and very catchy with infectious hooks.
Honorable Mention – Concrete Bed, Do it Again, Blankest Year

11. Franz Ferdinand – Do You Want To
It took a couple listens for me to really get into this song, I really didn’t know what to think of it at first. It’s a great song though and I must say I am glad I gave it another chance. The video is also well done and quite enjoyable. This is a great album too with 3 to 4 other standout tracks which I’m sure will keep Franz Ferdinad in the charts well into 2006.
Honorable Mention – I’m Your Villain, The Fallen, Walk Away

10. Jack Johnson –Badfish/Boss DJ (Sublime Cover)
Jack’s a song writer, although personally I find his songs better when incorporated into a mix along with other genres etc. Its not that I don’t like his albums, but I find it becomes a wash because all of the songs sort of have the same tempo and feel to them. The Sublime tribute album that came out this year featured a track where Jack actually covered two Sublime songs in a medley … he totally pulled it off. Bravo, well done sir.
Honorable Mention – Breakdown, Sitting Waiting Watching, Good People

9. Ambulance Ltd. – Primitive (The Way I Treat You)
Cool song, really catchy. The Self titled album by Ambulance ltd is a difficult one to track down. But it was worth the hunt, it’s really an enjoyable listen … I don’t think these guys will be a one hit wonder, I think they have a pretty bright future.
Honorable Mention – Heavy Lifting, Sugar Pill, Orphelia

8. Stereophonics – Rewind
My Favorite band, so I am a little bit partial to any album that they put out. This is some good material though from Kelly and the boys. This band is at the top of my list to see live this year … I don’t care where I have to travel to do it. Check out their album “Language, Sex, Violence, Other?”
Honorable Mention – Dakota, Superman, Devil

7. Foo Fighters – The Best of You
“In Your Honor” is my favorite double album of the year; anything Dave Grohl does is gold in my opinion. The Foo Fighters help me keep some faith in good old Rock and Roll. They put out great material, they never take themselves too seriously and they really put on a fun live show.
Honorable Mention – DOA, No Way Back, Resolve, The Last Song, Another Round

6. Coldplay – Fix You
Some find this track corny; I’m not one of those people. This is a great song and the mood and atmosphere it creates it unbelievable. The feeling that it creates at about the two minute mark when the song really picks up is wicked. Nicely done gentleman … a melancholy, thoughtful song that’s not just a fluffy ballad pre-packaged for the radio.
Honorable Mention – ‘til Kingdom Come, Speed of Sound, Talk, X & Y

5. Beck – E-Pro
Beck is cool. I enjoy this album and this song on so many different levels; I highly recommend picking up “Guero”. Only negatives: a couple Spanish speaking tracks and a little weirdness here and there … but if you can deal with the quirkiness the other stuff is money and in my opinion so good that its almost the album of the year.
Honorable Mention – Girl, Go it Alone, Black Tambourine, Rental Car

More Later Today ...

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Top Tracks 18 - 14

18. The Sun – Say Goodbye
This song starts out kinda slow and meandering … okay so nothing special right? Well, check it out at about 2:30 or so .. I think its a great tune. Really, good album by these guys … one of my favs this year. Honorable Mention – Romantic Death, We Tried, Must Be You - A funny video that they made of all kinds of people’s “O, O” faces (Yes, that is an Office Space reference).

17. Spoon – Sister Jack
Great track from their album “Gimmie Fiction”. They also have a couple other decent tunes off the same album, this song however was definitely the standout song for me. This is still to this day in heavy rotation on my ipod. Honorable Mention – I Summon You, I Turn My Camera On.

16. Gorillaz – Feel Good Inc.
At first this I thought this song was really weird, then I thought you know what weird is good. Same with the album, the Gorillaz crew is very different and but that alright by me. Honorable Mention – DARE, Dirty Harry, pretty much the whole dang album.

15. Shout Out Louds – Very Loud
Awesome, Awesome song. Check it out kids ... lots of fun. Honorable Mention – The Comeback, Hurry Up, Lets Go

14. The Kaiser Chiefs – I Predict a Riot
I remember the first time I heard this song; It was really hard to find a good quality version of it on the net the file I had was a little grainy. Poor Quality or not, as soon as that big rambling “I Predict a Riot” chorus hit I was sold. Tight album too. I just recently got the Enjoyment DVD and it appears that they are solid live (not that they will ever be in Ottawa). I look forward to big things from these lads. Honorable Mention – Oh My God, Everyday I Love You Less and Less, Born to be a Dancer.

Stay Tuned ... More to Come.